Friday, October 7, 2011

The Senior Menu

It's one thing to have a senior discount forced upon you.  A real milestone in your life is when you are eligible to order off the senior menu.

But, the real important turning point is when you decide to admit that you are old enough to order off the senior menu by, ahem, actually ordering off it. 

A restaurant like Denny's or IHOP has a special section, usually in the back, with large print for older folks who want a smaller meal, at a lower price.  A big personal decision happens when you turn to the attractive young waitperson and say, "I'd like the senior two egg special." 

More than likely, you just hang your head down, point and mumble.  You take the money you have saved and buy some Ben-Gay, to massage your aching back, along with massaging your bruised ego. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Are You Getting All Your Discounts?

There are momentous occasions people always remember in their life:

Their first day of school
Their first kiss
Birth of a first child

And, the first time they get offered a senior discount.

It’s quite a shock to realize that someone thinks that you are old enough to deserve a discount. Yes, it’s likely that it’s a teenager behind a fast food counter who still looks like they aren’t past puberty. But, still.

The immediate reaction is:

“I’m not that old.”

followed by

“Wow, do I look that old?”

Much consternation and vilification follow. And it’s likely you won’t be returning to the place anytime soon.

Age is Just a Number

It's not really about how you feel inside. Everyone feels they are still young, no matter what age they are.  It's more about how healthy you feel, and can you still do all the things you could when you were younger.

It's more about how others perceive you. 

That's what this blog is about.  We will try to keep it funny, because getting old is hell enough without it being a drag too.